APWG and OpenDNS

Jan 01, 2010 · 1 min read
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After reading a comment by David Ulevitch on a post by Dragos Lungu I was pretty interested in reading a new press release from OpenDNS on how they are “partnering” with the anti phishing work group (APWG). I actually laughed when I read it for a few reasons. Firstly, if you read Dave Jevans’ comment he says, “We are pleased to welcome PhishTank.com as a member of the APWG.” To me that seems less like a partner and more like a client. I couldn’t find any supporting words on APWG’s website at all to confirm a partnership in any capacity. To me it sounds like OpenDNS is simply going to consume data from APWG.

Secondly, this affirms what I was trying to get across in my comments on my post about the phishtank’s competitive nature with APWG. Although David Ulevitch never answered my questions posed to him in the comments, this pretty much sums up what I was saying. Unless these players start working together, they are only causing more churn in the industry as more companies have to deal with more anti-phishing aggregators. That in turn means that companies trying to protect themselves or their consumers have to build more APIs, sign more contracts or whatever, just to get the global knowledge of where phishing sites are. So, ultimately this sounds like a good thing, although I’m skeptical of how much a partnership this really is, given Dave Jevans’ comments. It sounds more like they are just a simple consumer/submitter, just like the other APWG members, but the press release may also just be poorly written.

I think that we will see interesting services / tools coming from openDNS in the near future. I’m guessing it will be a managed URL / Spam filtering service.

They already got a substantial amount of subscribers for the free DNS service and the new free “bad guys blocking” initiative seems to be the first step towards fully managed filtering service.


Thanks for mentioning my post, RSnake :)


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