Simple AFK Arathi Basin & Warsong Gulch in WoW Classic

Jan 01, 2011 · 1 min read
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With Auto it

setup auto click: Mouse Pointer Coord: x 523 y 302 (middle of screen)

click interval in ms: 90000 (this will make it click every 1.5 min)

type /bgassist this will open up a Little box

right click it and set it up like this

now go to 1 of the major city bgmasters and stand like this

Remember to set your viewpoint like in the first screeny (fully scrolled into ‘yourself’)(second is just to make it a bit more clear)

go to interface options there is a option called camera following style set it to never

now your ready.. stand like in the first screen alt+tab to start automouseclicker tab back in game and watch your chara leech ab,wsg or av all night…. not detectable by blizz other players will see you stand still all the time and can report you for it.. but it will go like this.. they report you with a screeny .. blizz response to them is like.. thnx for your report we will look into the problem..(auto blizz reply)

and if they ban you its for a short period of time the first time.. well 1ns banned don’t do it again (you will have more then enough rep already before fist ban) .. if you stop after the first ban no second ban will follow so nps

have fun

remember this can give you a bad reputation with the other players that noticed you are afk all day.. but with the xrealm you prob never see them again:)


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