10 Best Sites for Bypassing Netflix

May 13, 2020 · 2 mins read
10 Best Sites for Bypassing Netflix
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I’m a hardcore netflix user, but one gripe I have with the service is browsing their site. Luckily there are many sites out there that aim to fix this. To make things easier for other Netflix users I’ve complied a list below of the best sites I use to get the most out of netflix. Feel free to suggest any in the comments and I’ll do my best to keep the list up-to-date.

Unlocking Netflix Country Catalogues

  • Netflix Around The World

For finding titles to watch that aren’t available in other countries, I haven’t found a better site that ‘Netflix Around The World’. It’s one of the few in active development and does a good job of collating all country catalogues in one database.

  • Whats New On Netflix

My second go to site, despite separating everything in different databases. Interface makes up for it which makes it quick for finding what you are looking for.

  • Netflix.Maft

A simple site that’s great for quick searches. Don’t let the poor aesthetics put you off on this one.

  • Istreamguide

A site that isn’t regular visit for me, but worth checking out. They seem quick to keep everything up-to-date, though lack any kind of movie rating and separates country catalogues into different sites, which can be cumbersome to search. This one might be good as back up.

  • All Flicks

Another good back up site. If you’re not in exploring-mode and know what country you’re after then I would recommend this site. After ‘Netflix Around The world’ this probably has the best search interface.

  • Unblocking Netflix using a VPN

This wouldn’t be a Netlifx hack list if we didn’t mention one of our own guides. Word is now spreading that you can use a VPN to access any international version of Netflix using your original netflix account login. Without sounding biased, I highly recommend you take a look at this as it can give you access to a huge range of titles. Purchasing and setting up a VPN is very easy, all details in the link above.

Replacement Netflix Frontends

  • Instant Watcher

There is a reason why there is only one site in this category and that’s because many times I’ve bypassed entirely going to the Netflix website and used Instant Watcher instead. It’s one of the more popular sites in this list and has become a household name amongst the power users.

Browsing Multiple Streaming Services

  • Go Watch It

A film service catalogue aggregator that also pleases the movie buffs. I always drop in on this site to check the latest film festival lists, a feature that I haven’t seen on any other site.

  • Find Series

  • Great interface for TV browsing, supports country catalogue browsing as well.

  • Watchily

New site, great design for large screen browsing and is updated regularly.

  • Can I stream It

Slightly overwhelming experience, but is a useful aggregator once you get your head round the numerous graphic buttons shown for each film.


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