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Big List of Network Security Tools for Linux & Win32

Manually Compiled. This list is for information and educational purposes only. I will not hold responsibility for any abuse of these tools. Some of these tools are Linux-only. I will update them as much as I can:

Security Sites:

http://www.securityfocus.com http://www.packetstormsecurity.org http://nvd.nist.gov http://neworder.box.sk http://www.astalavista.box.sk http://www.gapsucks.org http://www.internalmemos.com http://www.zabasearch.com http://www.anywho.com http://www.sec.gov http://www.securityforest.com http://www.dshield.org http://www.insecure.org http://nvd.nist.gov

Linux Live CD’s:


PHLAK: Professional Hackers Linux Assault Kit


http://www.betterwhois.com http://www.allwhois.com


Visual Route NeoTrace Express Trout P0f (Linux Only)

Scanners and Sniffers:

Angry IP Scanner Superscan Nmap (Linux Only, however Windows version works except for XP Service pack 2) Nessus (Windows and Linux) Amap (Linux Only) ScanRand (Linux Only) NeWT SAINT SARA ISS Internet Scanner Retina LANGuard VLAD SNORT WebInspect Sam Spade Packetyzer N-Stealth Scanner WireShark (formerly Ethereal)

War Dialers/War Drivers:

Tone-Loc PhoneSweep THC-Scan Net Stumbler AirSnort AirSnare

Active Fingerprinting and Enumeration:

Xprobe WinFingerprint NetCat Cheops UserInfo IP Network Browser SNScan

Brute Forcers / Password Hash Obtainers:

netBIOS Auditing Tool ScoopLM KerbCrack L0phtcrack Cain John the Ripper