Anthology of practical freeware

Jan 01, 2010 · 1 min read
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Like its former topic, but for freewares. Be sure to include if it’s Windows/Linux/Mac. I’ll start off with 10 random applications since I have to leave in a min.

- Preme (Windows 7) - Adds a lot of neat shortcuts and handy features for application windows to Windows 7.
- Microsoft TechNet's SysInternals Suite (Windows) - A *lot* of useful programs for your PC and networking. Contains great apps like Process Explorer, Autoruns, TCPView, RootkitRevealer, and more.
- NirSoft (Windows) - Another great suite of system, network, password recovery tools, and more.
- Sumatra / Foxit (Linux/Windows/Mac) - Great, lightweight alternative PDF readers.
- Launchy (Linux/Windows/Mac) - An open-source application launcher that pops up at a hotkey and launches indexed programs as you type the name.
- Everything (Windows) - An alternative Windows NTFS search engine.
- TrueCrypt (Linux/Windows/Mac) - Open-source disk encryption software. Very nice.
- TeraCopy (Windows) - Transfer files at maximum speed while being able to pause/resume and more.
- 7-Zip (Linux/Windows/Mac) - An open-source file archiver. Arguably the best.
- WinSCP (Windows) - An FTP client for Windows. Its main focus is secure file transfer between a local and remote computer. It has syncing
  • f.lux(Windows, Linux, Mac) - Tints your desktop based on settings and time of day to decrease the strain on your eyes.
  • SMC Fan control (Mac) - Allows you to increase minimum fan speed in any intel mac.
  • utorrent: small torrent client
  • notepad++: multi-functional text editor
  • irfanview: picture/everything viewer
  • digsby: multi chat program
  • fraps: fps viewer/video recorder
  • virtual clone drive: virtual disk drive
  • vlc: media player
  • SongBird: audio player
  • cpu-z: CPU status/info monitor
  • coretemp: CPU temperature monitor
  • Orthos: CPU stress program
  • logmein: remote access program
  • tera term: ssh/telnet/console access client


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