Linking Your Computers with Hamachi VPN

Nov 01, 2018 · 2 mins read
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Since the arrival of Hamachi VPN, our lives have simplified. No more hassles trying to establish a network between different computers, or fiddling with the Windows configuration (which can get quite confusing sometimes).

And the best thing is that you can do multiple things with Hamachi: internet sharing, play online games with your friends or even establish a network between your computers. But first, let’s find more about this nice little program.

What Is Hamachi?

Hamachi is an easy to install freeware that was developed by the Hamachi company. Founded in 2002, this enterprise determined that there was a niche market that could be exploited: people who wanted an easy solution for configuring safe networks. Due to its success, Hamachi was bought by LogMeIn Inc, in August 2006.

However, how do Hamachi networks work? Does it use a complex system of communications that encompasses the whole world? Or a secret method of communication? Actually, it’s quite simple. The owner of the software has a server cluster that is in charge of establishing the link between two computers that have the software installed.

So, let’s say that you download Hamachi and install it in your computer. Once you have done it, your user will receive a unique identification, with which other users from the Hamachi network can detect you. That way you can establish networks with your friends or coworkers for any reason you can think of: from productivity applications to online games like DotA; Hamachi is the answer we were looking for many, many years.

What About Security? Is It Truly Safe?

Nothing is completely safe in the wild world of the internet. Not even the computer networks of vast multinationals or powerful governments like the US. As a matter of fact, they have to spend millions of dollars per year in order to control the hordes of “barbarians” who wish to penetrate their barriers.

So, how safe can a freeware be? Curiously, it’s quite safe. Although there are many people that say the contrary. Why they say it? Because it is not an open source program; that means that the code isn’t available for people for reviewing it. How can we trust a closed source program? Well, we trust Microsoft Windows, Norton Antivirus and lot’s of software that it is available in the market. Why we don’t trust Hamachi then? In reality, there is no reason for not doing it.


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