Minitube, a native Youtube client for Unix-like operating systems

Jan 01, 2021 · 1 min read
Minitube, a native Youtube client for Unix-like operating systems
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Minitube is yet another frontend for privacy concerned folks to view Youtube. Unlike web-based apps, such as Invidious, this is a compiled program to be used as an independent application outside of your web browser.

It’s built with C++ and the QT framwork, and it’s complete source code is found here:

Relatively speaking, Minitube is a much simpler way to view Youtube, and is quite reminicent to how I used the website back in 2007. It’s also an ideal option for older resource-limited machines that can’t handle the memory-hogging mess within a modern web browser.

Minitube screenshot

The main drawback (or feature) of using Minitube is the lack of ability to integrate your Google account. This means commenting, creating channels, nor uploading videos will be possible.

What you can do is:

  • Subscribe to channels without a Google/Youtube account.
  • Compact viewing mode for less clutter
  • Search for missing parts of multi-part video series’
  • Take screenshots of videos.
  • Sort videos by upload date, search relevance, view count and rating.
  • Filter videos by publication date, video duration, and video quality
  • Search Youtube as normal, including search suggestions.
  • The client remembers your past searches and suggestions.
  • Acces the default YouTube categories.
  • View videos in fullscreen mode

Installing Minitube

Minitube is included in the package repositories of several mainstream operating systems, including:


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