Access Twitter with privacy and free software, with Nitter

Sep 21, 2020 · 1 min read
Access Twitter with privacy and free software, with Nitter
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Twitter is a centralized social network and requires the use of proprietary software. Consulting Twitter with the browser in a decent way without losing privacy or freedom is practically impossible… unless we use another interface, such as Nitter, which I describe in this article.

I think its name is an acronym for not twitter. Well, what’s the difference? The point is that it works well and also the interface is light, it prevents Twitter from getting your IP address, you can customize its appearance, it has its own RSS feeds and it is responsive.

It’s still in its infancy, so it’s expected to include more features, such as a login system to manage the accounts you follow from the web and translations to other languages.

We can search for accounts

Twitter account seen with Nitter

We can consult accounts

As it is free software, you can install Nitter on your server (if you have one) or use other people’s Nitter.

Do you find it uncomfortable to change Twitter URLs to Nitter? The Firefox Privacy Redirect add-on converts Twitter links to Nitter instances. It also replaces Instagram links with Bibliogram links and YouTube links with Invidious links.


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