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Myspace was a hotbed for 0-day exploits

I laughed out loud when I read this. Kuza55 found another issue in MySpace again today using the exact same exploit that we have been trying to get them to close FOUR separate times n...

In Jan 02, 2010

What are the odds of a small wordpress site getting hacked?

The blackbox security analysis is worth discussing further, since I don’t think I went into enough detail on my last post, so here it is:

In Jan 01, 2010

Start to security

Is is a start to SECURITY not hacking . Remember thatAnd have a great time reading this…

In Jan 01, 2010

PlayStation 3 Hacking

Anathema sent me a link to a few posts he made to discuss PlayStation 3 hacking.

In Jan 01, 2010

Minimalistic UI Decisions in Browsers

I’ve tried to talk about this a few times to people over the last year or so, but I think it’s hard to explain without pictures. So I gathered a bunch of screen shots that should help...

In Jan 01, 2010

Hack Detection Methods in Online Games

I - Introduction

In Jan 01, 2010

Anthology of practical freeware

Like its former topic, but for freewares. Be sure to include if it’s Windows/Linux/Mac. I’ll start off with 10 random applications since I have to leave in a min.

In Jan 01, 2010

Mutli Threaded Digital Rights Management

After Sony’s DRM rootkit fiasco, I started thinking about the concept of threaded digital rights management. The concept is simple enough. Let’s say you have two computer programs. On...

In Jan 01, 2010

Detecting Malice With ModSecurity

Ryan Barnett has a new series he’s doing called Detecting Malice with ModSecurity that I wanted to spend a minute talking about. Firstly, it’s personally interesting, because he’s usi...

In Jan 01, 2010

WordPress SEO CSRF

Well, it’s with a bit of a saddened heart that in the first few minutes of checking through the WordPress code for CSRF I found my first vulnerability. I sat on it for a week or so un...

In Jan 01, 2010


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