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Malicious SERP Arbitrage Lessons

I spent the better part of my free time for today putting together a rather sophisticated search engine result page arbitrage tool. No, I won’t release this one. Partly because it suc...

In Jan 01, 2007

Detecting Spiders is the key to SEO

One of the major problems in blackhat SEO (search engine optimization) is detecting what is a robot and what is a user pretending to be a robot to detect what you are doing. There are...

In Jan 01, 2006

DNS Pinning Just Got Worse

Amit Klein just published a rather interesting article on how anti-anti-DNS pinning techniques can be circumvented (counter counter measures). Namely how you can get around Host: head...

In Jan 01, 2006

Ignoring the Great Wall of China

I wanted to post again about the great Chinese firewall. Apparently someone had the same idea that id and I had around ways to get around the filters. Apparently, according this p...

In Feb 03, 2005


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