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Google Redirects Help Phishers Again

The site is down now, but I got yet another phishing email using Google redirection to hide the real address that the user is being forwarded to. Sorry for the super long line (had to...

In Mar 01, 2007

Google Files On the Internet

Ronald had a really good post about how Google’s files were open to the world. A few people messaged me and said they were surprised I didn’t jump on it the second it was mentioned. Y...

In Jan 02, 2007

Google Announces Invalid Domain Through Blacklisting

Click fraud is a big deal (Google claims it’s as low as a few percent but other leading industry experts disagree and put it much higher). I was actually fairly impressed that Google ...

In Jan 02, 2007

CAPTCHA Curiosity

Tim Tucker posted an interesting solution to some of the CAPTCHA solving stuff going around. He posted that to comment on his blog you must enter any data, as long as it’s incorrect. ...

In Jan 01, 2007

Alexa Fallacy - As if Anyone Thought Otherwise

Okay, no more theories, no more guesswork, I finally have proof that Alexa data does not jive with actual real internet traffic patterns. Well, at minimum it doesn’t match what they c...

In Jan 01, 2007

Malicious SERP Arbitrage Lessons

I spent the better part of my free time for today putting together a rather sophisticated search engine result page arbitrage tool. No, I won’t release this one. Partly because it suc...

In Jan 01, 2007

Detecting Spiders is the key to SEO

One of the major problems in blackhat SEO (search engine optimization) is detecting what is a robot and what is a user pretending to be a robot to detect what you are doing. There are...

In Jan 01, 2006

DNS Pinning Just Got Worse

Amit Klein just published a rather interesting article on how anti-anti-DNS pinning techniques can be circumvented (counter counter measures). Namely how you can get around Host: head...

In Jan 01, 2006

Ignoring the Great Wall of China

I wanted to post again about the great Chinese firewall. Apparently someone had the same idea that id and I had around ways to get around the filters. Apparently, according this p...

In Feb 03, 2005


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