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Minitube, a native Youtube client for Unix-like operating systems

Minitube is yet another frontend for privacy concerned folks to view Youtube. Unlike web-based apps, such as Invidious, this is a compiled program to be used as an independent applica...

In Jan 01, 2021

Convert WebP images to PNG in Linux and BSD via the command line

WebP is the updated web image format created by Google, primarily intended to leave a lighter footprint for websites. Impressively, they were able to create a new image format while [...

In Dec 28, 2020

FreeBSD Full-Disk Encryption on a UFS Root Partition

The FreeBSD community is quite adamant of the operating sytem’s ability to setup ZFS with ease & stability. So much so that it’s the default file sytem when using a guided full-di...

In Dec 27, 2020

Dev-C++, A lightweight C++ IDE to build GCC programs on Windows

Remembering back to tyhe early 2000’s, there was only a handful of alternatives to Visual Studio to build C++ programs. One of them being Dev C++ by, a simple and free I...

In Dec 26, 2020

Exploring 0 A.D., an open source alternative to Age of Empires II

0 A.D., is a game inspired by Age of Empires II that has the advantage of being free and open-source. It’s been contstantly in development for nearly a decade by a worldwide group of ...

In Dec 10, 2020

Mozilla gets rid of Servo

Mozilla continues to dig into the debacle that is becoming its annus horribilis: it ended 2019 recording losses for the first time in its history and began 2020 by laying off employee...

In Nov 17, 2020

Microsoft publishes .NET 5 with the intention of unifying Mac, Windows, and Linux

Microsoft has announced the publication of .NET 5, the latest version of its well-known framework oriented to software development that over time has covered much more than the Window...

In Nov 11, 2020

Installing an alternative to Little Snitch for Linux, GUFW Firewall

The GUFW graphical firewall is the only real user-space firewall available for Linux. It’s comparable to the likes of Little Snitch for MacOS or GlassWire for Windows.

In Nov 10, 2020

You can now install Microsoft Edge on Linux

You can now install Microsoft Edge on Linux, yes. Microsoft has delivered on its promise and the first developing version of its brand new web browser is now available to anyone who w...

In Oct 23, 2020

Why should you switch to cloud hosting?

“The cloud” is a resource full of advantages for large & small enterprises alike, that’s why it’s being used almost everywhere in IT. Although, when you are shopping around for pr...

In Oct 21, 2020


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