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Proton 5.13 increases the list of AAA games that can be run on Linux

Proton, the well-known Wine based compatibility layer developed by Valve that allows running Windows games on Linux and macOS, has had us on tenterhooks since June due to the absence ...

In Oct 19, 2020

Benchmarking Your Computer on Linux

For anyone with a powerful gaming rig or server, benchmarking is one of the first things you do. There is a plethora of popular software available for Windows. Having said that, there...

In Oct 09, 2020

What is managed cloud hosting?

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already have an idea what hosting or web hosting is. Managed cloud hosting is an entirely different beast to comprehend.

In Oct 03, 2020

Fish Shell, a smart alternative to Bash for GNU/Linux

Fish is a smart and user friendly Shell. Arrived at version 3.1.2, released last April, it has many interesting features. Distributed as open source software, it is available for GNU/...

In Sep 30, 2020

Invidious an open source front-end alternative to YouTube to avoid snooping

Update: The website will soon be shutting down. We recommend using as an alternative, or creating your own instance using the instructions at the end of this article.

In Sep 22, 2020

Access Twitter with privacy and free software, with Nitter

Twitter is a centralized social network and requires the use of proprietary software. Consulting Twitter with the browser in a decent way without losing privacy or freedom is practica...

In Sep 21, 2020

Redhat and IBM Team Up to Create a Cloud Marketplace

Red Hat and IBM recently announced the general availability of the Red Hat Marketplace, which they describe as a one-stop shop for finding, testing, purchasing, deploying, and managin...

In Sep 14, 2020

Don't Underestimate Prototype Pollution

Although in some places they speak of prototype pollution (or ‘prototype comtamination’) as a new technique for attacking websites. In reality, this novelty is relative, since as earl...

In Sep 08, 2020

The easiest way to use PDAnet with Linux or BSD for unlimited tethering

Mobile data is getting cheaper & faster, and you probably have an offer for unlimited 4G/5G in your local area. It usually comes with a catch of severely limited data allocations ...

In Sep 05, 2020

Raspberry Pi OS makes the jump to Linux 5.4

For a long time, and if I’m not mistaken, this has been the case from the beginning, the official operating system for Raspberry Pi plates was called Raspbian. A few months ago, the c...

In Aug 30, 2020


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