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NIST has announced the beginning of the third phase of post quantum cryptography standardization

NIST recently announced on its website the launch of the third phase of post quantum cryptography standardization. The third phase included 3 candidates for digital signature and 4 ca...

In Jul 25, 2020

GNOME proposes bringing GNOME OS to real hardware

At the GUADEC 2020 conference, a report was made on the development of the “GNOME OS” project in which a plan is released to develop “GNOME OS” as a platform for creating OS now trans...

In Jul 25, 2020

Microsoft releases Procmon for Linux as open source

Microsoft continues to demonstrate its “love” for Linux by releasing more components that end up in the Open Source system. The Redmond giant has released quite a few components throu...

In Jul 23, 2020

Debian 9.13 Stretch has reached the end of its life cycle. It is time to think about making the jump to Buster

On June 17th, 2018, Project Debian released a major update to its operating system. Yesterday, July 18, 2020 and 25 months later, it made available Debian 9.13, which is the latest up...

In Jul 23, 2020

Aurora OS developers included a memcpy fix in Glibc

The developers of the AuroraOS mobile operating system (a fork of the Sailfish operating system, developed by the Open Mobile Platform company) shared a solution for a vulnerability t...

In Jul 16, 2020

Mozilla Suspends Firefox Send

About a month ago I had to send several large files from a Linux PC to a Windows PC. Considering that options like ShareDrop are not as fast as they should or I would like, I decided ...

In Jul 14, 2020

Linus Torvalds approved the replacement of some terms in Linux code with neutral names

On July 10, 2020, Linus Torvalds approved the need to replace some terms in Linux code with neutral names. In addition, most Linux kernel developers had agreed a few days earlier to t...

In Jul 12, 2020

Cyberduck console operations with cloud storage

Users are familiar with the graphic version of Cyberduck. And recently the console version was released. So, here we will talk about its possibilities in general and about its posibil...

In Jul 10, 2020

What can 5 largest breaches teach you about safety

The largest bank data theft

In Jul 10, 2020

Services that allow you to be sure of your website

Security is of utmost concern with companies who use or think about using an online backup or security services for their server data. I rank security very highly in the list of serve...

In Jul 09, 2020


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