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Mozilla Suspends Firefox Send

About a month ago I had to send several large files from a Linux PC to a Windows PC. Considering that options like ShareDrop are not as fast as they should or I would like, I decided ...

In Jul 14, 2020

Linus Torvalds approved the replacement of some terms in Linux code with neutral names

On July 10, 2020, Linus Torvalds approved the need to replace some terms in Linux code with neutral names. In addition, most Linux kernel developers had agreed a few days earlier to t...

In Jul 12, 2020

Cyberduck console operations with cloud storage

Users are familiar with the graphic version of Cyberduck. And recently the console version was released. So, here we will talk about its possibilities in general and about its posibil...

In Jul 10, 2020

What can 5 largest breaches teach you about safety

The largest bank data theft

In Jul 10, 2020

Services that allow you to be sure of your website

Security is of utmost concern with companies who use or think about using an online backup or security services for their server data. I rank security very highly in the list of serve...

In Jul 09, 2020

The "3-2-1" backup rule

It is considered that the backup rule “3-2-1” was first described in Peter Krogh’s book «The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers».

In Jul 08, 2020

Backup of virtual machines by hypervisor QEMU/KVM

A lot of people know that backups are vital. Moreover, you need to do them in such way that you can recover them further. Especially, it is important in case of virtual machines (VM)....

In Jul 07, 2020

Backup of Linux server and migration to a different server

I had worked in small company, and very often I do some stuff, related to system administration. Last week we were configuration FreePBX with Debian 7.8. While doing that we understoo...

In Jul 06, 2020

A simple way to backup Linux servers with the help of FTP

The are a lot of topics about how useful backups are. Below you can see examples of simple scripts to backup files and MySQL databases with the follow up uploading to the FTP server.

In Jun 28, 2020

3 interesting features of MySQL I bet you didn't know about

While doing the exploration of MySQL source code, I found out some interesting features. Let’s take a look on them.

In Jun 25, 2020


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