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Best DNS benchmark Testing Tools for Mac

Whenever you try to approach one website, the DNS server will resolve the IP address of the particular website. Generally, your device ISP(Internet Service Provider) always provides t...

In Feb 01, 2019

Small Businesses Combat Cyber Threats

Companies of all sizes need to take cyber security seriously. There are, however, a number of small businesses which assume they are not vulnerable to cyber-attacks. One of the reason...

In Jan 01, 2019

3 Tips On How To Improve Cybersecurity At Your Small Business

Cyber security companies can make sure that your online security remains secure. One suggestion to improve cyber security in your business would be to train your employees, enforce a ...

In Jan 01, 2019

Linking Your Computers with Hamachi VPN

Since the arrival of Hamachi VPN, our lives have simplified. No more hassles trying to establish a network between different computers, or fiddling with the Windows configuration (whi...

In Nov 01, 2018

WSU Wireless with PEAP in Ubuntu

This guide shows how to use the new WSU PEAP wireless deployment with Ubuntu 7.10+ and should work with the various derivatives such as Kubuntu.

In Feb 12, 2018

What’s In Store for Cyber Security In 2018?

2018 is expected to be another year that comes with increased concerns for cyber security. It will not be any different from 2017, the year when data breaches were reported in Kmart, ...

In Feb 02, 2018

Anti-Splog Evasion

I know I’m really going to kick myself for this one, as it will no doubt come back to haunt me, but I’ve been thinking about this one for a long time. One of the things that Blackhat ...

In Jan 01, 2018

iCloud Contacts Not Syncing to macOS Mojave

Many Apple users have a complaint that iCloud contacts not syncing to their Mac. They said that this problem occurred after updating Mojave. Here I am going to tell you the solutions ...

In Sep 01, 2017

Solving CAPTCHAs for Cash

I had a really interesting conversation with a guy out of Romania this morning regarding a team of CAPTCHA solvers that he has set up. The basic premise is that he has 5 guys set up t...

In May 02, 2017

Open VPN - A cheap alternative to VPN

One of the traits of a system administrator is to provide to the employees tools that can help them in their jobs. Some tools can be useful and may be costly. Some are available and c...

In Feb 18, 2017


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