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iCloud Contacts Not Syncing to macOS Mojave

Many Apple users have a complaint that iCloud contacts not syncing to their Mac. They said that this problem occurred after updating Mojave. Here I am going to tell you the solutions ...

In Sep 01, 2017

Solving CAPTCHAs for Cash

I had a really interesting conversation with a guy out of Romania this morning regarding a team of CAPTCHA solvers that he has set up. The basic premise is that he has 5 guys set up t...

In May 02, 2017

Open VPN - A cheap alternative to VPN

One of the traits of a system administrator is to provide to the employees tools that can help them in their jobs. Some tools can be useful and may be costly. Some are available and c...

In Feb 18, 2017

macOS Mojave Slow Boot

Every update of macOS creates many problems on Mac. Likewise, Mojave also has some issues. One of the important issue is Mojave takes longer to boot. Some people said that Mojave won’...

In Jan 01, 2017

How To Prevent Unwanted Windows Programs From Loading At System Startup

We all have them in our system tray, programs that load up and use precious memory resources and take up valuable space on your taskbar. Some of them you need, but most you can do wit...

In May 01, 2016

Preventing XSS Using Data Binding

Using data binding he can make JavaScript attach user content to the page while validating that it does not contain active content. That is, styles are okay, but JavaScript is not. Ve...

In Apr 20, 2016

Warning Google Ads Being Used for Malware

This is actually a really serious issue that was sent to me. The funny part is that I’ve known this was possible for years now and even already put it into a presentation I’m doing in...

In Apr 01, 2016

MacBook Battery Draining Out Quickly

Many of the Apple users have a complaint that the MacBook battery is running out quickly. This problem generally occurs after updating your Mac to the latest version. But, this is not...

In Jan 20, 2016

Diablo 2 Redvex

RedVex FAQs:

In Jan 05, 2016

Dealing With SEO/URL Rewrites

I’ve been thinking about how spiders work in the context of black box web application scanners.

In Mar 03, 2015


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