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Preventing XSS Using Data Binding

Using data binding he can make JavaScript attach user content to the page while validating that it does not contain active content. That is, styles are okay, but JavaScript is not. Ve...

In Apr 20, 2016

Warning Google Ads Being Used for Malware

This is actually a really serious issue that was sent to me. The funny part is that I’ve known this was possible for years now and even already put it into a presentation I’m doing in...

In Apr 01, 2016

MacBook Battery Draining Out Quickly

Many of the Apple users have a complaint that the MacBook battery is running out quickly. This problem generally occurs after updating your Mac to the latest version. But, this is not...

In Jan 20, 2016

Diablo 2 Redvex

RedVex FAQs:

In Jan 05, 2016

Dealing With SEO/URL Rewrites

I’ve been thinking about how spiders work in the context of black box web application scanners.

In Mar 03, 2015

Laptops aren’t firewalls

As if you needed another reason to visit Blackhat this summer, two researchers just found a way to hack into wireless cards remotely and take over laptops. David Maynor and Jon Ellch ...

In Mar 02, 2015

Does Surfing Without JavaScript Make You Secure

Welllll, as it turns out, we actually can still do significant recon without the use of JavaScript or Java or Flash. I think Jeremiah is going to wait until Blackhat Japan, so I’m not...

In Jan 09, 2015

How To Access Blocked Websites

I happened upon an article last night talking about how to access blocked websites. First of all, this is sorta missing a major component that most people are actually concerned with,...

In Jan 01, 2015

Creating AutoIt Bots for Online Games

I created this post because I want to suck up space and waste peoples time who read it, if you don’t like what I have to say, just move on and ignore me hence-fourth, thank you.

In Feb 02, 2014

SSL Can Hurt Security

SSL can actually harm web application security auditing and intrusion detection. In fact, SSL can actually make it next to impossible for you to do forensics in the aftermath of a suc...

In Mar 12, 2013


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