What is port 5?

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If you are seeing Port 5 via tcp or udp on your network, it is likely: Remote Job Entry (official) (rje)

What it could also be: Yoyo trojan virus (tcp)

Comment about YoYo:

Verifying DMI POOL Data………..

Y8Y8 _ (the 8 are not the number but they are lying as symbols of infinity… I don’t know how to write them :oops: and the dash blinks as if I was waiting for something )

…and so on until eternity. Although I’ve tried it, it can’t even be started in fail-safe mode and the famous “Y8Y8_” appears.

I’ve looked on the internet but they can’t agree on what to do or how to fix it, or even if it’s a virus.

Is it really an MBR virus? As I can’t access the content of the disk I can’t check it

My idea is to put a second hard disk, install it in the Win XP (which is the OS that had the pc) and try to recover the data from the other hard disk, and at the same time scan it with the avg, if possible.

Would this solve the problem or would it infect the second HD if it is a virus?

As you can see I am a sea of doubts and my friend…the Pacific and Atlantic together.


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