Raspberry Pi OS makes the jump to Linux 5.4

Aug 30, 2020 · 1 min read
Raspberry Pi OS makes the jump to Linux 5.4
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For a long time, and if I’m not mistaken, this has been the case from the beginning, the official operating system for Raspberry Pi plates was called Raspbian. A few months ago, the company decided to change the name to something with more personality, without including part of “Debian” in its name, and renamed it to Raspberry Pi OS. Based directly on Debian, the speed or frequency of some updates is not the best, but recently they have received a major one.

The new version, launched a week ago, is Raspberry Pi OS 2020-08-20 and its most outstanding innovation is that they have updated the kernel to the latest LTS version, that is, Linux 5.4, which companies like Canonical decided to include in their also latest LTS, Ubuntu 20.04 launched last April. At that time, Linux 5.6 had already been released, but Long Term Support releases usually go hand in hand.

The most important new features:

  • Linux 5.4 LTS, more specifically Linux 5.4.51. Until now, Raspbian and the first versions of Raspberry Pi OS used Linux 4.19, released in October 2018 and which Raspbian included in June 2019.
  • The Raspi-config configuration tool has been updated, which is related to the previous point.
  • raspi-config now detects audio devices in non-English languages.
  • The recommended software tool has been updated to allow multiple install/uninstall operations without forcing us to close the program between each operation and both 32bit and 64bit software installation has been enabled.
  • Adobe Flash Player, the latest version.
  • Italian has been added to PIXEL’s own graphic environment.
  • The Chromium user feedback survey has been removed.

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