Redhat and IBM Team Up to Create a Cloud Marketplace

Sep 14, 2020 · 2 mins read
Redhat and IBM Team Up to Create a Cloud Marketplace
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Red Hat and IBM recently announced the general availability of the Red Hat Marketplace, which they describe as a one-stop shop for finding, testing, purchasing, deploying, and managing business applications across an organization’s hybrid IT infrastructure, including local and multi-cloud environments.

Along with it is also offered a private, customized “Red Hat Marketplace Select” option that starts at an additional cost for businesses that want additional control and governance through healing software for efficiency and scale that is pre-approved for that particular business.

Red Hat Marketplace and Red Hat Marketplace Select offer a software ecosystem from a number of independent software vendors (ISVs) built on Red Hat OpenShift to provide customers with discovery, testing, purchasing, and deployment of modern, consistent solutions.

Red Hat OpenShift enables the portability of mission-critical workloads in secure hybrid cloud environments with certified enterprise software that can help organizations avoid vendor lock-in.

For enterprises building native cloud infrastructure and applications, Red Hat Marketplace is an essential destination for unlocking the value of cloud investments, designed to minimize the barriers global organizations face as they accelerate business. innovation. A growing ecosystem of ISVs has embraced the market because it provides them with an efficient, vendor-neutral, data-driven channel for product sales and corporate account support.

The growing list of more than 50 commercial products available for purchase includes leading edge solutions in 12 different categories including AI/ML, database, monitoring, security, storage, big data, development tools and more.

In addition to more independent software vendors such as Anchore, Cockroach Labs, CognitiveScale, Couchbase, Dynatrace, KubeMQ, MemSQL, MongoDB and StorageOS.

All products are certified for Red Hat OpenShift and commercially supported. Built on Kubernetes’ open operator framework, they can be run on OpenShift as a cloud service, with features such as automated installation and update, backup, failover and recovery.

With one of the largest commercial collections of managed and portable software based on open standards, Red Hat Marketplace is designed to help solve customer issues in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, with features designed specifically for development teams, buyers, IT managers and CIOs.

Red Hat Marketplace customers can find specific and strategic ways to tap into the market. With automated deployment, Red Hat Marketplace makes the software instantly available for deployment on any Red Hat OpenShift cluster. Red Hat OpenShift is the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform, enabling portable, native cloud software to function as a managed service by integrating operational expertise along with the software itself.


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