Small Businesses Combat Cyber Threats

Jan 01, 2019 · 2 mins read
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Companies of all sizes need to take cyber security seriously. There are, however, a number of small businesses which assume they are not vulnerable to cyber-attacks. One of the reasons why small firms are vulnerable to cyber-attacks is because they are more digitally connected than individuals but less secure than larger businesses. If you run a small business, cyber security companies advise that you don’t take cyber security for granted.

Here are a number of ISO 27001 consultants recommended ways a small business owner can protect themselves from cyber-attacks: Having an understanding of new risks

According to cyber protection companies, you cannot fight cyber-attacks if you do not understand how your business can be exposed. You need to know the different ways hackers can gain entry into your systems and how to identify points of vulnerabilities. Cyber security consultants have identified hacking, phishing, social engineering, key-logging, malware, and identity theft as some of the methods used by hackers. Having a security policy

ISO 27001 consultants recommend that the best way to mount a defence is to be offensive. Defining security protocols for your company is the first thing you should do. According to cyber security companies, the protocols should be an integral part of your general business strategy. Make sure you address data backups and security audits. Don’t forget cloud computing, social media policy, and the internet of things which are emerging issues of great importance. Keeping your systems up-to-date

It is the view of cyber protection companies that you keep your software, hardware, and security measures up-to-date. That includes your security applications and anti-virus software. Your company will not just be protected from new threats but your entire software will remain secure. ISO 27001 consultants recommend that you connect to the internet through a firewall, install and regularly update anti-malware, download and install software updates, and continuously monitor your systems for any problems. Educating employees

The online behaviour of your employees can be very risky to the company. That’s why cyber security companies recommend that you educate them about best practice, warning signs, and what to do in the event of an attack. Cyber security shouldn’t just be the concern of the IT department. If employees come in with their own devices, make sure they are secure when connecting to your office network.


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