Using Sockcap To Get Around Realm Down in Diablo 2

Jan 01, 2013 · 3 mins read
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I got tired of everyone always asking how to get around a IP ban in Diablo II…. So I decided to write this tutorial.

This tutorial is specifically directed towards Diablo II. You can do this with any other program, but you’ll have to modify some of the steps.

Step 1: Download SocksCap from : and install it. (Link broken: Click for a similar free program)

Step 2: Open SocksCap

Step 3: Accept the T.O.S.

Step 4: Click OK when it tells you when it will expire. Then when it asks if you would like to modify the settings now, click yes.

Step 5: It will look like this:

In the field “SOCKS Server:” enter the socks server you are going to use. In the field “Port:” enter the port of the socks server you are using (the default port for a socks server is 1080). Make sure that the socks server you are using is either a Socks 4 or Socks 4/5 server (both v4 and v5 are useable on that server). Make sure that the bullet next to “Socks Version 4” is selected. In the field “SOCKS User ID:” anything is acceptable. Put your name, or your nickname, or simply put “none”. Click “Apply” and “OK” and proceed.

Step 6: You’ll have a window that looks like this:

Press the “New” Button. You’ll get a box that looks like this:

For “Profile Name:” you can enter anything, for this tutorial I’m going to use “Diablo II”. In “Command Line:” you can either type out the path to your Diablo II file or you can click the Browse button and find it easier. If you used the Browse method, then the “Working Directory” was automatically filled in for you. If you typed it in manually, you can leave the “Working Directory” blank and click OK. It will fill it in for you. Before you press OK it should look like this:

If it is correct, press OK and proceed to the next step.

Side Note: If you run Diablo II in windowed mode, or use the -mpq or other extensions, you can edit them in the “Command Line:” part.

Step 7: Now select the profile that you made. Click on the button that says “Run!” labeled below.

Step 8: Play the game (or use the application) as you usually would. But, now you are connecting to the game server through the socks server, which acts as a “inbetween man”. The game server sees the socks server’s IP instead of yours. Viola! You got around the IP ban.

If you do not connect to the game server, one of three things could cause it.

1) The socks server you are trying to use is dead right then. 2) The socks server you are trying to use is not the right version (Socks v4 / v5). 3) You messed up on one or more of the steps.

If the connection is very laggy, that just means that you are using a slow socks server. Try a different one. You can use programs to check the timeout of a socks server. A timeout of three seconds or less is good.


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