How to Access Blocked Sites from Your Hotel Room

Feb 04, 2020 · 2 mins read
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We’ve all been there – You’ve been on the move for yours. After dinner, you’re ready to relax, check your email, and place a Skype call home to let the family know that you’ve made it to your hotel. You pull out your tablet, attempt to access Facebook, and….nothing. The website is blocked!

This is becoming a surprisingly common occurrence for many travelers across the globe. With the dramatic increase in internet censorship, many are learning that the “free reign days” of online surfing are over. Governments are cracking down on websites that they deem offensive or dangerous in nature. And, while many do not agree with these practices, they are realities of the modern world.

Websites such as Facebook and YouTube are commonly blocked, while some stricter regions will not allow for the use of VoIP calling. Because many travelers rely on services like Skype to stay in touch with loved ones back home, it can be frustrating to learn that they are rendered useless when using an IP address within the censored area.

But, accessing blocked websites is much simpler than many realize –

Virtual Private Networks are breaking down the walls that separate travelers and families, while ensuring that the user maintains privacy and online freedom. These utilities provide a remote IP address, circumventing the blocking filter and granting access to all websites available in the foreign IP address’s host nation.

The Important of Security on Hotel Wi-Fi

Another added benefit to the use of VPNs is the encryption security they provide. Public Wi-Fi servers, such as our hotel example above, offer the perfect setting for cyber-crime. Individuals can easily put “data sniffers” in place on the network, giving them all of your passwords and allowing them to view everything you are doing while online. The encryption prevents these would-be criminals from collecting your data, providing the highest level of online security available.

Public networks are everywhere. We use them even when we don’t realize it, which is why using a Virtual Private Network is critical in today’s society. Travelers using a hotel’s public network can browse safely and effectively by simply logging into a VPN first. With one’s data securely protected and any blocked websites now available, you are no longer subjected to the filters of a particular government or the cowardly ongoings of cyber-thieves lurking on the public network!


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