Why Emails Are Still A Persisting Issue For IT Security

Apr 05, 2019 · 1 min read
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Email mishaps are all too common. As a cyber security business Cyber Security suggest being extra careful when sending emails…

We’ve all been there, dozily sending an email to the wrong person, leading to some embarrassment, or for a business, serious, serious problems. For the most part sending an email to the wrong person is usually harmless, but if you are an employee at a firm and you send an email containing sensitive information to do with the business to the wrong recipient it can lead to very big complications. The exploitation of your business’ cyber security being the biggest of them all.

If private files to do with your business are sent to the wrong person it can lead to the loss of money, the copying of the business plans, the upset of clients and many more issues. As much as it is a massive problem recognised by all companies, it is inevitable, that emails will be sent to the wrong people, it is an innocent mistake made by countless workers at all levels of a business and is always going to happen.

An innocent accident should not be confused with a malicious act. A darker issue that a large amount of firms are facing is the deliberate sending of important private files to rival businesses, unauthorised third parties or simply a fraudster for example, aiming to steal corporate data in the aim of copying ideas, stealing resources, or simply causing upset. This is a serious breach of confidentiality and the law. Any firm who finds themselves having to deal with such a problem should take it very seriously and if a worker is to send an email containing sensitive files to an unauthorised recipient, you should take all precautions necessary to figure out whether it was an innocent mistake or whether more needs to be done. For cyber security services and a cyber security consultant you can rely on Visual Cyber Security are the best in the business!


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