Running a blog is now heading to be much easier than it was just before. Everybody’s acquired an wonderful system called “Computer”. “Computer” is a quite clever system that presents you an opportunity to create article content, add illustrations or photos or keep your website. It’s quite simple and almost certainly cannot be easier to be a profitable blogger. All you have to do is have a passion for blogging. Having said that, there is yet another clever system called “Smartphone”. Having said that, I’m not heading to communicate about Smartphones. I’d like to tell you about blogging, WordpPress, Smartphones and how these three items are related to just about every other.

Automattic, Inc has designed an application for Smartphones which lets you create article content, manage comments, edit written content, add photographs on your WordPress website and lots of additional. What do you will need to website on the go?

To start with, you definitely will need to have a passion for blogging or at least like it. Running a blog is a part of blogger’s lifestyle. If you have excellent concepts, ideas or just a thing to say and present, your website will be quite well-liked.

Next, you will need a Smartphone. A Smartphone is a mobile cellular phone with a computing capability. If you want to know additional, just stop by Wiki, it has a quite excellent clarification on it. Mainly, Smartphone can access and adequately show normal world-wide-web pages. Which is all we will need now.

The 3rd detail is the most crucial. It’s WordPress. Having said that, this WordPress application is distinctive. It can only be set up on your Smartphone. WordPress for Android is an application that lets you do as lots of items as you can do on your computer.

Now you can create article content and article them on your website exactly where at any time you are, and you don’t even will need a computer. Running a blog is heading to be much easier with a Smartphone.


– It supports and self-hosted WP weblogs.

– Good for fast updates on the road.

– Great for enhancing on the go.

– also excellent for studying comments.

– You will never will need to shedulle blog’s posts once more.


– It’s a quite excellent commencing but requirements additional attributes.

– You can do additional items blogging on your computer.

I hope that in the new version, we’ll see an update with additional attributes but generally this is an exceptional application for active bloggers. Adhere to the connection ( to find additional details on it.