Is XSS Good For SEO?

May 01, 2007 · 1 min read
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There’s an interesting post over at Venture Skills blog talking about if XSS is actually good for SEO purposes. While I don’t have any conclusive evidence that he is wrong or right (at least nothing that makes me satisfied by saying that is a correct or incorrect assessment), I will say I have seen evidence that blackhats definitely are using this and search engines definitely are indexing them.

I have also heard blackhat say that it works best when used as a “spice” within a mix of a lot of other normal links, rather then relying on them entirely. Again, I have no evidence that that is true or not, but I wouldn’t refute other people’s experience without evidence. One thing I think is important to mention is that XSS as it stands is NOT good for SEO, nor could it be. What blackhats use is HTML injection, not JavaScript injection. Also, it should be noted that XSS takes on three forms, only one of which is almost hopeless for a search engine to prevent and that is stored XSS. What I will say is it should be pretty easy for search engines to set up rules looking for commonly used reflected HTML injection techniques and devalue them.


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